We love a villa!

By Ed from Bike Villas Travel

90% of our business competitors offer cycling holidays in hotels. Not us! We are in favour of a cycling holiday in your own cycling-friendly holiday home (a Bike Villa). Why? Read it in this blog.

Looking for a cycling holiday

If you are looking for a cycling holiday online in this period, you run the "risk" of the timelines on your socials getting jammed and you also go crazy with all the promotional banners in the various news apps. All with attractive offers on cycling holidays. We too currently have (paid) campaigns running on the various channels and we are doing our utmost to entice you to book your unique cycling holiday with us. Just like all our other cycling holiday providers... How do you make your choice out of this great offer? And how do we stand out from the rest?

Ordinary or extraordinary?

We are still a young company and are relatively new on the market of cycling holiday providers. We are dealing with providers who have a long-standing (positive) track record and therefore have a nice head start. They are better known and easier to find. For us, there is a nice challenge that requires creativity, distinguishing capacity and, above all, patience. 

The good thing is that, when we started our company Bike Villas Travel last year, we already determined our position very clearly. We definitely don't feel at home in the middle of the cycling peloton, the place where you blend in with the crowd and are hardly visible. We are looking for adventure, like to be in the breakaway, like to push our limits! We zag when others zig. Not ordinary, but extraordinary! Nice rhetoric, I hear you think. How do we make it happen? That is our challenge and our adventure...

A hotel or villa?

We are lovers of Bike Villas! Why? Smaller scale, no mass, safer (not unimportant we learned from Covid), more personal and refreshing. This is what we like ourselves and much more important: this is what feedback from our guests teaches us. Just look at the reviews on our website. "Come as a guest, leave as a family! New friendships, experiences and memories! I came to the villa not knowing anyone, but really parted as a cycling family. A memory for life!" Just a few quotes from guests who have chosen a cycling holiday with us. And the fact that our concept appeals is shown by the fact that many guests return! 

We are local heros!

Do you have a tip for scooter rental? We would like to go to a wine tasting. Do you know anything? We have a long route planned and a few of us are unlikely to make it. Is there a pick-up transfer possible? Do you know any nice cycle routes without too many metres in height? We are looking for a picturesque place to have lunch on the way. Can you arrange this? One of us has fallen and will probably have to go to hospital. Help! 

It's great that we (Louisa and I) live in Mallorca and know our way around, and understand and speak the language (ahum...). We can always help our guests with (last minute) questions/challenges they have. Especially in case of emergencies like a fall where you have to go to the doctor or hospital. It has (unfortunately) already happened a few times that we could be a very welcome support for the guest.

Also in Tuscany we have a team member in Alessandro who is at home in this beautiful cycling area. He was born and raised in Tuscany and after wanderings through England, The Netherlands and Argentina he lives again in the neighbourhood of the historical town Lucca. Alessandro knows all the beautiful cycling routes on road bike and gravel bike. But he also knows a lot about the culinary possibilities. He gladly helps, supports and advises our guests. 

And as a bonus, we also have knowledge about training, material and guiding...We would love to be your local heroes during your cycling holiday in Mallorca and Tuscany!

The Bike Villas concept

We're not into hotels, but what are we into? We organise extraordinary and small-scale cycling holidays in your own Bike Villa. You book your own cycling friendly holiday home with or without services like bike rental, catering, transfer etc. You can also participate in one of our fully catered packages (road bike and gravel bike) in Mallorca, Tuscany and the Ardennes!

We have several beautiful villas on our website. Beautiful location, single beds and a bike centre where you can safely store your bike. There are also several tools for maintenance available ... That's a Bike Villa!

Our place is the breakaway! Yours too?