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About us
We are Bike Villas Travel; Louisa, Ed and Martin. We (Louisa and Ed) were born and raised in the south of the Netherlands and since 2018 we live in Mallorca. With our emigration adventure we are living our dream. How cool is that!

Our Mallorca adventure started in 2016 when we were running a villa as a guesthouse (villa Es Costeret). The first years we did this from the Netherlands and after we emigrated to Mallorca in 2018, we have been doing this from this beautiful island. With the founding of our company Bike Villas Mallorca in 2018, we have been focusing on cycling holidays in Mallorca, in addition to sun holidays. The positive experiences and feedback from our cycling guests have convinced us that there is a place for us in the busy cycling holiday market.
With offering cycling holidays in your own villa, we are a unique player in this market. In September 2019 we started with a rental portal with various Cycling friendly villas on Mallorca. And on 1 April 2021, a next step in our adventure followed. With Bike Villas Travel, we have started a Dutch travel organisation and Martin has joined us. Martin lives and works in the Netherlands and is an enthusiastic cycling fan and an excellent cycling coach. Together with his wife Susan, he is also going to take the step to Majorca in time.

We are very proud and excited that we get the chance to realize our dreams. We will take on the challenge of making it something special and unique. We are your teammate for a successful escape!

We hope to see you at one of our Camps or Bike Villas! Wies, Ed and Martin

This is what we believe in
A few years ago, we were on holiday in Mallorca with our family. Because it was a special year for us, we wanted to do something special this holiday. This "special" became a day of sailing including crew on a private sailing boat. A luxury that we would not normally afford. This day was supposed to be the highlight of our vacation, but it was a big disappointment. The owners of the boat treated us like a number, they made no effort to please us and did not deliver what was promised (the catering was a joke).

In starting Bike Villas Mallorca and now Bike Villas Travel, it was this unpleasant experience that underpinned what we believe in. We believe in personal attention (you are our number 1) because we know how important your cycling holiday is to you. We use our (local) knowledge and experience to give you an extraordinary cycling holiday! Our Cycling Camps are designed based on years of experience and therefore fit the wishes of the participants. We also organise Cycling Holidays; you indicate what you want and we arrange it with and for you! If something goes wrong (we are just normal people) we do our utmost to solve it as soon as possible. If you are happy, we are happy. We strive for a unique experience!

Our motto is: We zag where others zig!"

What is a Bike Villa?
What is the difference between a villa and a Bike Villa? This simple question was asked to me by a cycling friend who is a marketer in his everyday life. A very good question ...

Most of our Bike Villas have the "Cycling Friendly" certificate. You can see the logo in the description of the villa. Cycling Friendly means that there are special bicycle facilities such as secure bicycle parking, a beautiful bicycle-friendly design and appearance, materials for maintenance, GPX routes from the villa with height profiles, bicycle map and sports materials for extra training (without bicycle). A Bike Villa also always has a number of single beds available; a number of villas even only have single beds. This specific information can also be found in the description of the villa. A villa that does not yet have the "Cycling Friendly" certificate at least has secure bicycle storage and a number of single beds. At all of the Bike Villas we can offer services such as bicycle rental, transfers and catering. A Bike Villa therefore has all the facilities to make your cycling holiday in Mallorca and Tuscany unique!

Cycling Friendly is one of our best cycling friends. This organization has the mission to make Mallorca (and now other parts of Spain) bicycle friendly. On their website you can find all the information for a carefree cycling holiday on Mallorca as a cycling enthusiast. Cycling routes, accommodations, stories, bike rentals, events etc. They have developed a "Cycling Friendly" certificate especially for accommodations, which is now used throughout Spain.

Cycling Friendly
Our Partners
To organise your cycling holiday we work together with some extraordinary partners. Together we are your teammate for a successful breakaway!

To 312 or not to 312? That is the question
Doubting whether the Mallorca 312 week is for you? I did but how glad I am that I did it. It was without a doubt the most fun cycling week of my life. Three top riders made a big contribution to this: Ed, Wies and Martin. Ed is the ideal host. As soon as he picked us up from the airport, the enthusiasm and hospitality splashed from him and once at the villa, they make you feel right at home. Wies is a true star chef and provides a delicious meal every day. Despite all the hours spent cycling, you are guaranteed to gain at least a kilo. Martin is the shepherd who makes sure the whole cycling flock stays together and appears well prepared at the start of the 312. With the above, I am still shortchanging these three top cyclists because really nothing was too much to ask. The icing on the cake was the group of other participants. No cocky guys and egos who can't talk about anything but power and speed, but cosy people with respect for everyone participating. Despite the fact that for some the tension increased during the week, we mainly had a lot of fun. And the 312? What a fantastic event. I really felt like a pro at times that day. Still in doubt? Check the list below to see if you meet the criteria. You: - love cycling - love beautiful landscapes on a beautiful island - like to be completely unburdened - like to stay in a fine villa with swimming pool and beautiful views - love good food - likes to be accompanied before, during and after cycling - likes socialising and making new cycling friends - would like to take part in a fantastic event Everything ticked off? Book now! Still think the 312 is too exciting? We dug into Tuscany last year with Bike Villas. Also highly recommended! Athy, April 2023
Great hospitality!
What a great week we had in Mallorca with Bike Villas Travel. A fantastic villa in Alaro, great hospitality by owners Martin, Wies and Ed. Fresh food prepared for you every day, personal training schedules, organised cycling routes, massages and top cycling were all part of the Power Camp. A great family atmosphere, with an eye for every detail, and lots of extra services to make your life as easy as possible so you can fully focus on cycling. I highly recommend the Power Camp because it gives you all the extra comfort you need to enjoy riding your bike and perform at your best. This camp is a great experience for any cyclist who wants to feel like a Pro for 1 week in their life. I am already looking forward to becoming a member again. Roy, March 2023
New friendships, experiences and memories!
The Mallorca 312 package with Bike Villas travel enabled me to perform optimally in this Gran Fondo. It was a complete package, which took away all the worries, so that I only had to concentrate on the preparation of the Gran Fondo Mallorca 312. On arrival at the airport Martin was already there. The accommodation was a beautiful Villa where you lack nothing. The view of this place is something you can not get used to and it is no punishment to stay there on the terrace. The planning was discussed every day with the group and the wishes of each individual were dealt with very flexibly. The routes were for reconnaissance of the Gran Fondo and well prepared under the guidance of Martin. Divided over the longer routes, Ed, of Bike Villas Travel, was there for us with the bus and revitalization. When we got home, lunch was already waiting for us, with something for everyone. If something was missing, it was taken care of immediately. Every evening there was a good meal on the menu, which was provided by Wies. There was never a shortage and it meets all the nutritional values that an athlete needs. The evening ended very pleasantly with tea, coffee and some sweets. If there were any problems, they were cooperative and quick to find a solution. Martin, Ed and Wies are very flexible, sensitive and sincere. Partly because of this, the group quickly became close and we were able to work together towards our goal: riding the Mallorca 312. Nothing was too much trouble and even on the day itself blueberry pancakes were served at 4am, so that we could start the Gran Fondo optimally nourished.
It is an experience I will never forget, also because of what Bike Villas Travel has done for me (and the group). New friendships, experiences and memories. It was an unforgettable experience, thanks for everything! I felt very much at home and I will definitely come back. I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore Mallorca, with optimal support and care. For the seasoned rider, but also for the more inexperienced cyclist it is an optimal way to get the most out of a trip to Mallorca. Nikky, October 2021
Bike Villas Travel: highly recommended!
Last week I had the pleasure to be part of the 'Mallorca Cycling Experience'. I had an absolute top week which was perfectly organised by Ed, Wies and Martin. After a short flight (only 2 hours) we were picked up by Ed at the airport of Palma. Ed and Wies have a lovely villa with all modern conveniences. It was absolutely no punishment to stay here during the week. The sports programme was very well organised. Martin had different routes that built up in intensity and duration, so you could get the most out of your week. Ed drove the support vehicle and provided food/drinks during the breaks. Also ideal to give a jacket or windbreaker for the longer descents or when the weather is less favorable. Sports nutrition and sports drinks were included in the package. In addition, I also had the luxury of borrowing a gravel bike for a day so that I could alternate the climbing with Spanish gravel. If you want to explore Mallorca in a well-organised way and have a carefree week of cycling, then Bike Villas Travel is for you. Maarten, October 2021
We stayed in villa Es Costeret in Alaró from 20 to 27 September with a group of 11 cycling friends. During this period we had an unforgettable time with Ed and Wies. The breakfast service was definitely worth it, every morning Wies had the table full of goodies for us at the requested hour. Coffee, fruit juice, yoghurt, fresh bread, all kinds of cornflakes, eggs, bacon, ... really nothing was missing. We did not even have to clean up. Then we could start our cycling day in a relaxed way. The bicycles that we rented through them were delivered on time, and individually adjusted. All the ingredients for a wonderful holiday! Wouter, September 2021
What a fantastic week!
We really enjoyed the week of 30 April at Bike Villas. Ed and Wies are such sweet and enthusiastic people who were always there for us on Mallorca. I enjoyed this week the accommodation, the food, the surroundings and the mountains or the beautiful landscape. Super views really top. And what a fantastic country to cycle in and also cycled the Grand Fondo Mallorca 312. What an experience! If you want to have a great week with a group of enthusiastic cyclists, you should consider Ed, Wies and Martin of Bike Villas Travel! Geert, April 2022
Everything was arranged perfectly!
We enjoyed 10 days with Ed and Wies of Bike Villas Travel in villa El Costeret (Aláro). We had booked a training week package and then stayed a few extra days. Everything was perfectly organised, giving us the feeling of being away from it all. The food was great, from breakfast to dinner, and if something was missing, they made sure it was there. During the cycling trips, there was also regular catering along the way and the possibility of refilling water bottles. The surrounding area is wonderful for cycling and if you don't want to cycle for a day, you can relax at the swimming pool, in the shared living room or in Aláro. Not unimportant for cyclists is that bicycles can be parked safely. There is also the possibility to clean your bike and tools are available. Don't have a bike? A racing or gravel bike can be arranged. Are you looking for a stay for a group, a package deal or perhaps just a room? Check out the possibilities. In short, a must! This was certainly not the last time for us. Andrea, April 2022
Come as a guest and leave as a family!
Coming 'home' in a beautiful country house, where a filled fridge awaits and of course a hot bath is fantastic! Mallorca is already an adventure-rich island for the most beautiful bike rides, but the Bike Villas and the personal service of Ed and Wies make it all very complete. From the house a network of routes for mountain bike, road bike and gravel bike unfolds directly. Every hour I have optimally used all three saddles to enjoy the relaxation that the luxurious Bike Villa offers after the effort. Everything has been thought of and Ed and Wies are clearly passionate about making sure that during your stay you can't let your corners of your mouth drop. Catering, bike rental, maintenance, routes, transfer; plenty of possibilities. Coming as a guest and leaving as a family. That's the feeling they gave me. Christine February 2020
Fantastic hosts!
Absolutely amazing stay at Ed's place in Alaro. Beautiful accomodation in stunning surrounding. Ed and his family were fantastic hosts and extremely helpful and accommodating for our cycling needs. If you are looking for a place to stay for a cycling holiday, Ed's place has more than you could ever need on offer. Large maps and pre-planned routes. Bike storage and tools as well as a link to the brilliant Northwind Cycle Hire. Will definitely be coming back. Andrew, March 2022
Learning to train with power meter!
Spent a week with 8 people at Bike Villas Travel. It was a fantastic week. The aim of this cycling week, was to learn to train with powermeters, under the expert guidance of Martin. The service from Ed, Wies were Top. We lacked nothing. From breakfast, care on the road while cycling, dinner, it was all perfectly arranged. It was also possible to have cycling clothes washed daily. Martin had provided beautiful cycling routes every day. A Ramp test was carried out on every participant of this Power Camp and a personal training schedule was made for this. If anyone wants to learn to train with power meter on the road bike, this is the perfect cycling holiday to get acquainted with this. I can recommend it to everyone! Peter, March 2023
A super cycling holiday!
Far away from busy Palma, tucked away in the rural hinterland of Majorca (half an hour away by car), in the area of Alaró lies a beautiful oasis where a biking enthusiast can really get his money's worth. Beautiful cycling routes right from the start from Bike Villa Es Costeret, in intensity varied rides through hills and mountains and semi-flat if desired. Add to this the excellent and flexible hospitality of Ed and Wies, the food tailored to cyclists (also en route!), and you have all the ingredients for a super cycling holiday. The accommodation ( an attractive real "finca") is spacious, comfortable and fully equipped (including swimming pool, lockable bike shed). Erik, October 2021
A memory for life!
As 'guests of the first hour', we already have quite some experience with Bike Villas Travel. We have just returned from our fourth trip to Ed and Wies's finca. It remains a pleasure to relax at the poolside after a beautiful ride in the fantastic surroundings (just two hours of flying). The house is further equipped with all conveniences, so this trip too has all the ingredients for a successful cycling trip. Add to that the hospitality of Ed and Wies and I would recommend Bike Villas Travel to any cyclist (trained or not) for a trip that will surely give you memories for life! Thanks Ed and Wies! Stefan, September 2021


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