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Bike Villas Mallorca
Suffering in the wheel of your teammate on the umpteenth climb. Recover and enjoy the great descent that follows. Take time for a coffee at the local cafe in a village on the coast and then back at full speed to your own Bike Villa. Being able to train without any distractions. You almost feel like a pro! With your training camp on Mallorca you lay a solid foundation for your cycling goals!
Mallorca bike island
Mallorca is a fantastic cycling island. The favourable climate, beautiful and varied cycling routes, the picturesque villages and the beautiful Tramuntana mountains tempt many cyclists to come to Mallorca. An ideal place for your training camp!
Your Training camp
Especially for you we have made a selection from our offer of Bike Villas. These villas are very conveniently located in relation to the most famous cycle routes, have (mostly) single beds, a bike centre (secure bicycle storage) with a beautiful bicycle-friendly design and appearance, materials for maintenance and sports materials for extra training (without a bicycle).
At these villas we can fully relieve you with, for example, transfer (including your own bicycle), catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner and average drink consumption), shopping services, support car and/or sports care. All you have to do is train and we take care of the rest!
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