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If you and your cycling friends would like to go on an organized cycling holiday in your own Bike Villa in Mallorca or other great cycling regions, we will be happy to arrange it for you. If you are a cycling coach you can organize a cycling holiday for your own members without any risks. We deliver customized service!

Below are some examples of what your package may look like.

Your own Bike Villa with services

The cycling weekend with your friends this year goes to South Limburg. On the road bike, you know this area like the back of your hand. That's why this time the gravel bike comes along to make the weekend more adventurous. Because this is the first time in a hilly environment you want a guide along who can give you some technical tips. You prefer to stay in an authentic house so you don't have to worry about the catering. A BBQ and a beer are a must during the weekend. A weekend that we are only too happy to organize with you and for you.

A cycling holiday with your clients

You are a cycling coach and every year you organize a cycling holiday (or several) for your clients. A nice hotel or house supplemented with bike rental and catering. You do this with great enthusiasm and pleasure. What you may not realize is that by organizing such a cycling holiday you fall under the European regulations Package Travel. It is therefore mandatory that you are affiliated with a guarantee fund and you should have liability insurance. This is obviously not what you want. That's why we would like to organize a cycling holiday with you. We are a travel agency and meet all the strict requirements. We provide in close coordination with you a beautiful Bike Villa, bike rental, catering, transfer, routes, etc. We provide customization!


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