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Especially for you, we have put together several cool (weekend/week) packages. These packages are fully taken care of: we provide a comfortable stay, delicious meals, and the most beautiful cycling routes and you only have to focus on cycling. Our packages are a true cycling experience; think of an authentic private Bike Villa, catering, bike rental, beautiful routes on GPX, guidance on the bike by a cycling coach, a support car, sports nutrition, and of course other like-minded cycling buddies. We deliberately do not opt for mass, our Bike Villas are located in beautiful rural locations and the group composition is small-scale.
Road biking
Lucca and its surroundings is the place to be when it comes to cycling in Tuscany. This historical town is located in the north of Tuscany and is surrounded by the Apuan Alps, Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful cities of Pisa and Florence. The cycling possibilities in this region are endless: good tarmac routes through rolling vineyards and olive groves, straight roads, alpine climbs such as the mythical Mount Serra -which towers over Lucca- or Pizzorne and even off-road alternatives. It's no wonder why many cycling pros (e.g. Mario Cipolline) - both trainee and retired - choose Lucca as their home.

Alessandro is our local. He knows every shortcut, climb and hidden gem. He also has a lot to tell you about the rich history of this beautiful area. A cycling holiday in Tuscany means combining the sporty with the cultural and culinary. In other words: Lucca and its surroundings have everything to offer for a super cycling holiday!

Who thinks of gravel biking in Tuscany, thinks of the mythical Strade Bianche! The finish of this professional race is in the striking and historic Siena. For gravelcrushers it is not the city itself that counts, but everything it’s surroundings have to offer. The word “sienna” means “reddish orange”, and it describes pretty well the picturesque colors painting both the sky and the roads in earthy tones under the famous Tuscan sun. The area is also known for its "crete". These are clay soils where hills have been created by wind erosion. Here you will find the famous endless dusty white roads, which go up and down (steeply), through rows of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves. To cycle with a Gravel Bike, this part of Tuscany is like riding in an infinite playground. We dare to say that this is gravel bike paradise!
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Tuscany Cycling Experience 16-23 May


Lucca and its surroundings have endless cycling possibilities. From wonderful climbs to beautiful rolling inland roads along vineyards and olive groves. From a ride through the mountains to a ride along the coast of the Mediterranean. In addition, this area has a rich history and, apart from Lucca, Florence and Pisa are two striking cities full of cultural highlights. From Monday, May 16 to Monday, May 23, 2022 (date to be confirmed) we will organise a cycling week for connoisseurs. We combine cycling in Tuscany with culinary and cultural experiences. It will be a week of enjoying everything this beautiful region has to offer!

Gravel Camp Tuscany 24-31 May


From Tuesday 24 May to Tuesday 31 May 2022 (date still subject to change) we will organise a gravel bike camp in gravel mecca Tuscany. A week of biting gravel over dusty white and endless roads, steep climbs and sometimes technical descents. Through picturesque villages and along beautiful cypresses and olive trees. Our routes run partly along the well-known Strade Bianche and Eroica roads, but also along hidden gems. We know this area like nobody else and can't wait to show you all the beauty. If you are a gravel lover, then this Gravel Camp is an absolute must!

Gravelweek Nova Eroica 20-27 juni


L´Eroica is a gravel event in Tuscany and took place for the first time in 1997. It was the founder of Strade Bianche and other Eroica events worldwide. NOVA Eroica is a gravel event in pure Eroica style but on the modern gravel bike. This event will take place on Saturday 25 June 2022. Registration is open to anyone looking for a unique and epic experience. This gravel festival celebrates the beauty of white gravel roads, the thrill of a challenge and the pleasure of cycling in the company of friends. Eroica stands for everything that makes cycling beautiful and terrible! From Monday 20 June to Monday 27 June 2022 we will organise a gravel week entirely dedicated to Nova Eroica. There are 3 distances, namely 130km, 90km and 60km. The days before the event we will explore parts of the routes and combine this with Strade Bianche routes. It will be a week to enjoy!

KopWerk Gravel Experience 17-24 September


On behalf of bicycle shop Kopwerk (Sas van Gent, the Netherlands) we organised our first Gravel Camp in Tuscany in 2021. This was a resounding success! That's why we go back to this gravel paradise in 2022 together with Kopwerk. Our first Kopwerk Gravel Experience in 2022 is already full. That's why we are going to organise a second week from Saturday 17 September until Saturday 24 September 2022. This week is open for everybody who is looking for a unique gravelbike experience. Owner Wout van Kopwerk ensures together with us that you will lack nothing. Besides a stay in a beautiful Bike Villa there is also a brand new J.Guillem gravelbike waiting for you to try out this week. It will be a super gravel experience!

Mountainbiking Tuscany


Massa Marittima will probably only sound familiar to the diehard mountain biker. We have had the pleasure of getting to know this special place in Tuscany. Massa and its surroundings breathe mountain biking in everything. A relaxed vibe, beautiful rolling countryside, picturesque villages, the Mediterranean Sea, cycling cafes and mountain bikers of all colours and sizes everywhere. What makes this place special is that there is a group of local mountain bikers called Trail Brothers who construct trails with great enthusiasm. This ensures that there is a wide range of fantastic and challenging mountain bike trails. Monte Arsenti is a central spot with a number of unprecedentedly beautiful trails. Flow, steep, challenging and beautiful views. Massa Marittima continues to surprise you and is a hidden mountain bike pearl in Tuscany. Fancy a unique adventure? We would be happy to put together a customised package for a weekend or week of mountain biking in Tuscany. Ask about the possibilities via our contact form.


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