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Kopwerk Gravel Experience
Tuscany 17-24 September 2022
This week is for gravelchrushers who love endless white dusty gravel paths! Wout (owner of bike shop Kopwerk) likes to let you experience the beauty of gravel in Tuscany. He adds an extra dimension by offering you a brand new J.Guillem gravelbike the whole week. Together with Kopwerk we organise this week from Saturday 17 September to Saturday 24 September 2022. Participation is open for everyone who is looking for a unique gravelbike experience!
We provide a delicious and complete stay. Every day we start with an extensive cyclists breakfast, there is sports nutrition during the ride, a complete recovery lunch after the ride and dinner in the evening. In the Bike Villa in Siena where we stay, there is plenty of room to relax, take a moment for yourself, or exchange experiences with the other participants. You share your bedroom and bathroom with another participant of the arrangement, but you do have your own single bed at your disposal. The Bike Villa where we stay is an authentic Tuscan villa/agriturismo with several flats. Here too, you can completely immerse yourself in the Italian life.
Gravel Week
The program is designed so that all you have to do is ride and enjoy this Gravel Package! We provide beautiful challenging gravel routes on GPX so everyone can cycle at his or her level. The whole week we have a J.Guillem gravel bike available for you (is included in package). Just the thrill of riding this great titanium bike is an experience. During the rides, there is always a bike coach/guide on the bike who shares not only routes and information, but also tips & tricks with you. During the rides, we have our own support car at our disposal. Here you can put your extra stuff. We also take extra repair stuff and sports food and drink for the road. A week of adventure in a fantastic setting, sharing your passion with like-minded people and being pampered with this cool gravel package.
Price on request
  • Stay in a Bike Villa for 7 nights

  • Bike rental J.Guillem Atalaya

  • Daily catering tailored to cyclists

  • Beautiful routes, guide, support car and sports nutrition

  • Airport transfer to Bike Villa

  • STO Guarantee and local taxes

Not included:
  • Return flight ticket

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

  • Personal expenses

  • This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website


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