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Bike Villas Mallorca
"Can you also do gravel biking on Mallorca?" we were asked by a Dutch cycling journalist. They wanted to make a gravel bike story and take a closer look at Mallorca from a different angle.
Gravel biking is popular!
Gravel biking is becoming very popular. Also, not surprising when you consider that you can combine cycling with mountain biking on 1 bike. The best of both worlds.
A gravel bike is the type of bike that allows you to comfortably handle a wide variety of surfaces in all conditions. In addition to beautiful cycle routes on the paved road, Mallorca also has many unpaved gravel paths. Certainly, in the interior these seem endless and these paths take you to beautiful places. How cool is it to do the climb to Bonany (near Petra) via a gravel path and not via the standard paved road? Just like mountain biking, you will get to know Mallorca in a completely different way on the gravel bike.
On Mallorca you can enjoy great gravel biking
The answer to the question whether you can go gravel biking on Mallorca is a resounding "yes". Better yet; it's great for gravel biking!
Our Bike Villas are particularly suitable for enjoying a unique gravel bike holiday together with your cycling friends. An ideal starting point for day trips on the gravel bike to beautiful and challenging places.

In our blog you will find various tips about cycling routes, climbs, cafés etc.

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