A new step in our adventure!

By Ed from Bike Villas Travel

In 2018, we emigrated from the Netherlands to Mallorca. The start of a beautiful and, because of covid, also challenging adventure. In 2022 we are going to take the next step: we are going to Tuscany!

Should you think that Louisa and I are going to move to Tuscany: no we are not (yet). With "we" going to Tuscany I mean Bike Villas Travel. During the past period, Martin, Louisa and I have been thinking about which beautiful cycling areas we would like to add to our selection. Mallorca is and remains our base. This beautiful and versatile cycling island still has a lot to offer. And the fact that Wies and I live there is a big advantage. This year, we have already added South Limburg and the Ardennes as cycling destinations. Our first thought was to also organise packages in regions such as Luxembourg, Vosges, Pyrenees, Tuscany and Asturias. After a first exploratory visit to Tuscany, the choice was immediately clear to us: besides Mallorca, we will also focus on the beautiful Tuscany. This area has so much to offer in terms of cycling and is not yet overrun with cycling holiday providers. We are the specialist for a cycling holiday in a Bike Villa on Mallorca and will become so in Tuscany. A beautiful and challenging ambition that fits our philosophy: we zag where others zig!

Cycling in Tuscany

Lucca and its surroundings is the place to be when it comes to cycling in Tuscany. This historic town is located in the north of Tuscany and is surrounded by the Apuan Alps, Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful cities of Pisa and Florence. The cycling possibilities in this region are endless: good tarmac routes through rolling vineyards and olive groves, straight roads, alpine climbs such as the mythical Mount Serra -which towers over Lucca- or Pizzorne and even off-road alternatives. It is no wonder that many cycling pros (e.g. Mario Cipollini) - both trainee and retired - choose Lucca as their home. Alessandro is our local. He knows every shortcut, climb and hidden gem. He also has a lot to tell you about the rich history of this beautiful area. A cycling holiday in Tuscany means combining the sporty with the cultural and culinary. In other words: Lucca and its surroundings have everything to offer for a super cycling holiday!

Gravel biking in Tuscany

When you think about gravel biking in Tuscany, you think about the mythical Strade Bianche! The finish of this professional race is in the striking and historic Siena. For gravel crushers it is not the city itself that counts, but everything its surroundings have to offer. The word "Sienna" means "reddish orange", and it describes the colours that paint both the sky and the roads in earthy tones under the famous Tuscan sun. The area is also known for its "crete". These are clay grounds where hills have been created by wind erosion. Here you will find the famous endless dusty white roads, which go up and down (steeply), through rows of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves. Gravel biking through this area feels like an endless playground. We dare say that this is gravel bike paradise!

Your cycling holiday in Tuscany

We are very proud of our first offering of packages in Tuscany. Together with our local hero Alessandro we have planned a couple of wonderful and fully catered cycling weeks. A week for real gourmets around Lucca where we combine cycling with the culinary and cultural. And of course a number of super cool gravel bike packages. We can't wait to welcome you to Tuscany and explore the region with you. This is going to be fun! You can find more information about our packages on our website. Click here

Ci vediamo in Toscana!