We went exploring

By Ed from Bike Villas Travel

A Cycling journalist asked us a while back "Can you also gravel bike on Mallorca?" She wanted to make a gravel bike story and show us Mallorca from a different angle. We went exploring and you can read about our experiences in this blog... 

Cycling holiday on Mallorca

Mallorca is a fantastic cycling island! The favourable climate, beautiful and varied cycle routes, the picturesque villages and the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains tempt many cycling enthusiasts to spend a cycling holiday on Mallorca. The island has many highlights of which Sa Calobra and Cap Formentor are the best known. However, there are also many hidden gems when it comes to shortcuts and climbs. In short: a cycling holiday on Mallorca is an absolute must!

Gravel biking on Mallorca

Up to now, cycling on Mallorca has mainly been on the road. Gravel biking has been enormously popular in many places for some time, but now it is also being discovered more and more on Mallorca. On our exploration of the possibilities for gravel biking, we first talked to some locals who created routes on Komoot. Alicia from Alaró is the most fanatic of them all. She often goes on adventures to discover new gravel routes. And an adventure it is, because on Mallorca you will more often encounter signs with "Coto Privado" or "Coto Privado de Caza". Good to know the difference before setting off on your own. At Coto Privado it is private property and it is prohibited to enter. At Coto Privado de Caza it is hunting ground and in principle it is allowed to enter. But be careful that there is no hunting...

We used the gravel routes of Alicia as a basis for our first gravel metres on Mallorca. We also cycled a number of routes together with Laura from Cycling Planet (the best cycling café on Mallorca). With this basis of routes and knowledge, we finally set out on our own (which is the coolest thing to do). In this way, we discovered hidden gems of gravel paths ourselves. We also had to deleted sections that were too technically challenging for a gravel bike. And because I (Ed) live on Mallorca, I was able to put a lot of time into our gravel exploration together with my cycling buddy Jim. As "locals" we know by now how to find many beautiful gravel paths... 

After our exploration, we can say with 100% certainty that you can do fantastic gravel biking on Mallorca. Especially the inlands have wonderful gravel bike routes. An alternation of smooth gravel, rocky paths, single tracks, technical climbs/descents and picturesque paved inner roads. The great thing is that you get to know Mallorca from a totally different perspective than from your road bike. You get to see beautiful places, far away from the crowds, you gravel over different surfaces and it is fun, adventurous and challenging. Exactly what gravel biking should be!

Do you want to go gravel biking on Mallorca?

How cool would it be to go gravel biking on Mallorca during your cycling holiday! We have a good number of gravel routes on Komoot that you can cycle yourself via GPX. Of course you can also go with a guide. At more and more bike rental companies you can rent gravel bikes. We have the JGuillem Atalya gravel bike available. Born on Mallorca, these titanium bikes give an extra dimension to your gravel ride! More info you can find here!

You can also participate in our Gravel Camp Mallorca from 8 to 12 June. Enjoy 5 days of gravel, delicious food and great company. More information on our website!

Mallorca is gravelicious!