Is it a bike shop or a bar? It's both and even more...


Author: Ed from Bike Villas Mallorca


The cycling routes to Sa Calobra and the Cap Formentor are on all the bucket list for a cycling holiday on Mallorca. What also belongs on this list is a visit to Cycling Planet in the beautiful and authentic village of Alaró. Cycling Planet is in my opinion (and with me many) the most unique and cosy bike shop on Mallorca!


A sparkling first impression

When I walked into Cycling Planet for the first time three years ago for an appointment with owner David Muntaner, I didn't know where to look. This relatively small shop was buzzing with energy. At a large table a group of cyclists were enjoying a cup of coffee. The table next to it was a young lady working with a laptop in front of her. The four people in the corner ordered lunch. At the bar someone was paying for his newly bought bicycle socks. From the back of the shop a bicycle was brought forward and received by a man in cycling clothes. The door opened and 3 cyclists walked inside in Sky clothes. They looked like pros or maybe they were pros... I saw bike clothing, glasses, helmets, bikes, sports food, bike parts and much more. My attention was caught by some rainbow jerseys hanging on the wall. Confused, I wondered where I had walked in. Is this a shop, a bar, a workshop, a rental company? It's clear to me now that Cycling Planet is a unique gathering place of all this and even more...



A unique meeting place

Cycling Planet was founded in 2012 by local David Muntaner and his girlfriend Laura. David is, besides being very sympathetic, former world champion on the track and has also participated in the Olympics twice. That explains why there are several shirt and newspaper articles on the wall... At the opening David and Laura have set themselves the goal to create a unique meeting place for all cycling enthusiasts on the beautiful cycling island of Mallorca. In recent years they have been working step by step to realize this goal. The shop has been given a special character by the wooden wall cladding, bar and tables. Especially if you know that this wood comes from the indoor track in Palma. The strength of Cycling Planet lies in the people who work there. David and Laura and their team run the shop with a lot of passion, joy and commitment. It's buzzing every day. It is a gathering place for the start of your cycling tour. For your necessary coffee break. It's the place where you chat with your cycling buddies after your challenging ride. You go there for a work date or just for lunch. You rent a bike or buy a new set of cycling clothes. Quickly buy a last bar or have your bike checked before you set off. It's the start and finish spot for a mountain bike race. And a lot more... Cycling Planet is a dealer of the brands Gobik, Felt, Cinelli and Scott. You can rent a road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike and E-bike. David and Laura and their team have managed to make it a unique meeting place!

A visit to Cycling Planet is definitely worthwhile during your cycling holiday in Majorca. And if you're lucky you'll run into a famous professional cyclist. That chance is huge because they have already discovered Cycling Planet as "the place to be"!


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