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Mallorca is a beautiful island. There is a lot of cycling and cycling tourists are carried on their hands. Thanks to the increasing number of direct flights in the winter months, Mallorca is becoming increasingly important as a destination for cyclists from the Low Countries. Of course there are many hotels in Mallorca, but we were lucky to get acquainted with a worthy alternative: Bike Villas Mallorca .


Ed and Wies

Bike Villas Mallorca is a project of Ed and Wies, a friendly Dutch couple who emigrated to Mallorca with their daughters. You can read this emigration story on their blog. Besides being friendly and open Ed and Wies are also very helpful. And it is precisely these qualities that contribute to the rapid growth of Bike Villas Mallorca. As soon as they are confronted with a question, they start looking for solutions.


The concept of the Bike Villa

Bike Villas Mallorca is a platform on which you can find holiday villas that are very suitable for cycling groups. Of course, they are also suitable for non-cycling travellers. The Bike Villas have the Cycling Friendly quality certificate. For example, the villas offer as many single beds as possible, which you can flexibly slide out or against each other. The villas usually also have a bicycle garage, bikewash and washing machine. There is a clear map of the island in the house so you can plan your trips nicely.

Meanwhile, you can find more than thirty villas on the portal, all of which have been screened by Ed. Not all villas meet the full 100% Cycling Friendy conditions, but it is the intention that they will settle for this in the coming period and all are willing to welcome cycling groups with open arms.


An impressive range of villas all over the island

All over the island you will find villas. One is a bit bigger than the other. Also for couples or small groups Ed can offer a solution. The villas vary in luxury. Some are situated in a village centre, others are secluded. On the website you can easily make a first selection. You indicate in which zone of the island you would like to stay and how big your group is. Then enter your preferred dates. You will then get an overview of the available villas, how many people they can accommodate, how big they are, how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are... If you can't find out, please contact Ed, he will be happy to help you.


Partners for all services

However, Bike Villas Mallorca does not limit itself to driving forces Ed and Wies. They have built a complete team around them to offer their guests a total package. Airport transportation? A guide for your bike ride? A rental bike? Catering? Massage? All these options are available so you can put together your bike tour. It doesn't matter what type of bike you want to tour Mallorca with.

Bike rental

On Mallorca there are many options in terms of bike rental. We became acquainted with Cycling Planet, more about their services you can read lower in this article. Ed has several partners he can rely on. Just Rent A Bike Mallorca also has beautiful rental bikes on offer. If you're not a pro, a rental bike is certainly the easiest option. Measure your own bike before you leave so that the position is about right. If you need a specific saddle you can bring your own saddle.



If you go to a hotel, you can slide your legs under the table at set times without having to do anything yourself. This is also possible at Bike Villas Mallorca. Wies organizes the catering. Sometimes Wies cooks herself, other times they work together with one of the regular partners. It is even possible to cook in the villa for large groups. The food is then ready at the agreed time after the training. Better than at home! There are possibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coming home from training, showering and all eating together on the terrace in the sun. It is possible!

Do you want a mix of self cooking, eating out and catering, that's no problem either. Even a shopping service is possible.


Majorca Cycle Shuttle

When you are staying at a certain place you are limited in how far you can cycle away from the house to still achieve a feasible total distance. This limitation can be alleviated by using a shuttle.

The shuttle will pick you or your group up at your Bike Villa and drop you off at a point to be determined. This way you cycle back to your Bike Villa in line. The other way around is also possible, but in terms of timing and logistics is a bit more difficult.

There are also several fixed shuttle options and routes for road cyclists to view on the website of Mallorca Cycle Shuttle. The people behind this company are just like Ed and Wies, very flexible. In addition, they have a wide range of vehicles to be able to transport any group. Working punctually and transporting your bike safely is their top priority. The bike racks do not clamp the bikes to the frame, only to the tires. When the bikes are transported in a trailer, a mattress is placed between two consecutive bikes.

If you are coming to Mallorca, be sure to take a 'Rescue and Recovery' at Mallorca Cycle Shuttle. If you are unlucky anywhere on the island, or if you are in a thunderstorm, send your location and you will be picked up.

Also for airport transportation and all other shuttles you can go to Mallorca Cycle Shuttle.


Cycling Planet

Cycling Planet is located in the centre of Alaro. It is a hip bike café with bike shop. You can go to David and Laura for both bicycle rental and repairs. Many cyclists stop there for coffee, fresh fruit juice, brownie or carrot cake. We went for a taste, and we can't blame them!

David is an ex-world champion on the track, and came sixth in the team pursuit at the Olympics. Now is mountainbiking a lot. In September 2019 he became Spanish champion of the Master in the marathon discipline. If you're staying in Alaro, be sure to take a look at David's Strava profile. He rides all the beautiful trails in the region together and his training sessions provide inspiration for those who love varied MTB rides. A reassurance: David doesn't like to hike, you won't encounter long steps on his rides.



We were lucky to go out with three guides. For those who want to go mountain biking on Mallorca a guide is an absolute added value. 

@Bike Villas Mallorca: In our blog "With a guide on the road in MTB paradise Mallorca" you can read more about this. 


Cycling Friendly

The website of Cycling Friendly is also very interesting for when you go cycling on Mallorca. Currently, the portal is mainly focused on road cycling tourism, but the intention is to expand their offer in terms of MTB as well. So it is certainly worth keeping an eye on this.


Bike Villas Mallorca as an umbrella platform

The full story of Bike Villas Mallorca is far from being written. Ed and Wies have a nose for making good contacts and are rapidly building their network in order to give as many cycling groups as possible an unforgettable time on their beautiful island.